II International Judo Clinic (online)

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Our friends from Nowsai will held the 2nd International Judo Clinic (online) on September 2021! Don’t miss it!

Dear Colleagues, 

We are very honoured to invite you to the II International Judo Clinic that will be held on September, 2021, via remote access, which we hope that many national and international participants who are experts in their fields will be with us.

The Clinic will focus on a wide range of themes related to judo training, including fundamentals, development, high performance, marketing, management or adapted judo.
The goal of the Clinic is to bring together leading professionals and researchers in the field of judo and sport sciences, in order to stimulate discussion on the latest innovations in these areas.

For more information please visit our website.

Looking forrward to meeting you virtually on September, 2021.

Best Regards,


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