Altitude training in judo

Abstract This study investigated the effect of a 3-week power-oriented resistance training program performed at moderate altitude on leg power


Reaction drills in judo

Lech et al. (2011) observed that the activity of the contestants during the fight correlated with the ability to differentiate


S&C for combat sport athletes

Download here the special issue: Strength and conditioning for combat sports athletes, written by Franchini and Herrera-Valenzuela. This is the content:


Judotraining Lab

Judotraining Lab´s most important objective is not raw data, nor is it helping coaches tailor a workout program to a


Caffeine in judo performance

Ciro José Brito Departament of Physical Education Federal  – University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil) In many combat sports, the competitive


HIIT and Judo, by Aurélien Broussal

Last June, the HIIT Science site interviewed the french performance coach Aurélien Broussal, who worked with British and Russian National