Interview with Aurelien Broussal

Aurélien Broussal Derval is an S&C coach that specialized in combat sports, working with both the British and Russian Olympic


Bicarbonate in elite judo athletes

ABSTRACT In combat sports, anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity determine sport performance and the dominant metabolic pathways. The decline in


Muscle damage in judo training

Antonijo Đerek 1, Hrvoje Karninčić 1, Emerson Franchini 2, Saša Krstulović 1, Goran Kuvačić 1 ABSTRACT It is well known that different factors can contribute to muscle damage in


The arts and sciences of judo

“The Arts and Sciences of Judo (ASJ) is a new international and interdisciplinary academic journal being published by the International


Altitude training in judo

Abstract This study investigated the effect of a 3-week power-oriented resistance training program performed at moderate altitude on leg power


Reaction drills in judo

Lech et al. (2011) observed that the activity of the contestants during the fight correlated with the ability to differentiate