Judo Scotland: Player Development Framework

In our previous article titled “Long Term Athlete Development Model” we discussed with Professor Cornelis Van Kooten about the effectiveness/usefulness


Influence of lower-limb muscle power-related variables on the ippon-seoi-nage of elite judokas

ABSTRACT This study investigated the influence of the lower-limb extension mechanical variables (strength variables) on the ippon-seoi-nage kinematic variables (technical variables) in


Strength training for judo

Check out here this interesting video about strength training for judo by Peak Strength Picture: Lukas Krpalek IG


Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction

One month ago Niko Sherazadishvili announced on his social media “Surgery went well. Overwhelmed by all the love and support


Judo-specific injury prevention program

ABSTRACT Objectives To evaluate the effectiveness of a trainer-supervised judo-specific injury prevention warm-up programme on overall injury prevalence. Methods We conducted a


Strength & Conditioning: German Judo National Team (part 1)

Authors:Simon Schnell, Dr. Daniel Jacko, Dr. Oliver Heine, Ralf Lippmann and Dr. Ruben Göbel Download the original article here (in