Altitude training in judo

Abstract This study investigated the effect of a 3-week power-oriented resistance training program performed at moderate altitude on leg power


Reaction drills in judo

Lech et al. (2011) observed that the activity of the contestants during the fight correlated with the ability to differentiate


Injuries in judo competition

Very interesting research about injuries in judo competition. A fantastic read and you can view full-text via the link below.


S&C for combat sport athletes

Download here the special issue: Strength and conditioning for combat sports athletes, written by Franchini and Herrera-Valenzuela. This is the content:


Judo Talk with Andy Burns

If you are interested in athletic development in judo, listen this interesting podcast interview with Andy Burns, Senior Performance Pathway



Great article by Emmeric Le Person. Check out his amazing blog here (in French). (translated by WeChat translator) Can a