EJU Interview with Driton Kuka

Few months ago Judotraining had the pleasure to interview Driton Kuka, Kosovo Judo Head Coach. Recently, European Judo Union published


Grip Circuit Training II

In our previous article Judotraining gave you an example of how to organize a circuit training to develop muscular endurance


The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries

Created in collaboration with the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee this exciting new book is a must-have tool


Health problems in elite youth judokas

ABSTRACT Objectives: To describe and compare the incidence, prevalence, severity, and profile of injuries (acute and overuse) and illness between female


The grip dispute in judo

Have a look to this interesting article published by Kashiwagura and Franchini (2021) about the grip dispute in judo. This


Shoulder dislocation in a judo player: a case study

ABSTRACT Pure anterior bilateral shoulder dislocations are rare clinical features, especially in traumatic forms. They are most often posterior, occurring