Effects of HIIT and Plyometric Program on the Performance of Young Judokas

ABSTRACT The use of inertial and physiological sensors in a sport such as judo is scarce to date. The information


Judo-Specific Tests

ABSTRACT This narrative review aims to describe and provide usage directions for different types of judo-specific assessments based on the


Uchikomi fitness test performance

ABSTRACT Performance is judged using a variety of methods to ensure uniformity between competitions. Uchikomi Fitness Test (UFT) could accomplished


Mobility: is important for judo?

by Diego Martin Bessopeanetto Mobility is our capacity to move freely in the space. Is the displacement of the body,


Youth Judokas Competing in Higher Age Groups Leads to a Short-Term Success

ABSTRACT Coaches of youth judo athletes might be under the influence of some extraordinary elite judo athletes that have won


Hydration status of youth Judo athletes during an off-season training camp

ABSTRACT Problem and Aim. There is a lack of scientific literature about hydration status changes of combat athletes during different