The effect of limitation of joint motion range due to ankle in judo athletes

ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of ankle injury preventative C-tape on the ankle range


Effects of Judo on Neurocognitive Indices of Response Inhibition in Preadolescent Children

ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Although exercise is suggested to benefit inhibitory control in children and adolescents, the current evidence is limited to


Impact of Combat Area Size and Effort to Pause Ratio Variations

Abstract Ouergui, I, Kamzi, S, Houcine, N, Abedelmalek, S, Bouassida, A, Bouhlel, E, and Franchini, E. Physiological responses during female


Effects of Nutritional Supplements on Judo

ABSTRACT The potential ergogenic effect of nutritional supplements depends on their dosage and the type of exercise executed. Aiming at