Ne Waza by Carlos Montero

Thanks to Jesus Perez from Spain for his contribution with his Youtube channel Universidad del Judo. Interesting videos about the


Relationship to sweeping leg velocity in o-soto-gari

ABSTRACT The present study characterised supporting leg kinetics (sweeping and pivot legs) during osoto-gari and investigated the relationship between kinetic


Shime-waza in young judo athletes

ABSTRACT Objectives: We aimed to investigate the incidence rate of unconsciousness related to shime-waza and the accompanying symptoms by age categories


Analysis of type of techniques, time, scores, and penalties in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

This study aimed to analyze the distribution of judo matches in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, considering matches in the


Differences in Judo Attack Systems Between Weight Categories

ABSTRACT Purpose: In judo, athletes compete based on weight categories, which are required to adapt the training process accordingly, but


Analysis of Successful Behaviors Leading to Groundwork Scoring Skills

ABSTRACT The present study aimed (1) to propose an approach of observational analysis of the preceding standing judo (tachi-waza (TW))