Characteristics of Technical and Tactical Preparation of Elite Judokas

ABSTRACT The basis for achieving success in sport is technical preparation supported by adequate level of physical fitness. During judo


Judo technique and tactics

by Juan Carlos Yamamoto Recently, I was lucky enough to get the book “Judo: Base and Strategy (nage waza)” that


Tai otoshi by Won Hee Lee

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Perceptions of Top-Level Judo Coaches on Training and Performance

This article contents information to guide the training process methodology and the access to the high level) and competition in

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Agemizu´s Method

AGEMIZU, in his new book: “Judo: method of the victory- style of Tokai University” (柔道: 勝利のメソッド) published in August 2019,

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Webinars For Coaches- Pan American Judo Confederation

The Panamerican Judo Confederation has organized a course for judo coaches with different topics JUDO TRAINING want to congratulate this