Coaches Congress Girona 2023

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Judo Scotland: Player Development Framework

In our previous article titled “Long Term Athlete Development Model” we discussed with Professor Cornelis Van Kooten about the effectiveness/usefulness


The New Didactics of Judo

Presentation about didactics of judo by Pedro Kolychkine. Download the full presentation HERE. Source: BLACK BELT


Yamato Fukuda: Ne Waza King

Have a look to Yamato Fukuda’s performance at Portugal Gran Prix, where he won the gold medal in 60 kg


Ne Waza by Carlos Montero

Thanks to Jesus Perez from Spain for his contribution with his Youtube channel Universidad del Judo. Interesting videos about the


Relationship to sweeping leg velocity in o-soto-gari

ABSTRACT The present study characterised supporting leg kinetics (sweeping and pivot legs) during osoto-gari and investigated the relationship between kinetic