Analysis of Successful Behaviors Leading to Groundwork Scoring Skills

ABSTRACT The present study aimed (1) to propose an approach of observational analysis of the preceding standing judo (tachi-waza (TW))


The grip dispute (kumikata) in judo

Have a look to this interesting article published by Kashiwagura and Franchini (2021) about the grip dispute in judo. This


Kumikata by Attilio Sacripanti

Kumikata: from Dojo to High Level Competition by Attilio Sacripanti. This book will provide a necessary resource tool that every


“Canon of judo” by K. Mifune

Download HERE the original book “THE CANON OF JUDO: CLASSIC TEACHINGS ON PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES” written by Kyuzo Mifune. The Canon of Judo is a book


El Judo y su razón kinantropológica

José Antonio Cecchini (born October 8, 1955) is a retired Spanish athlete who represented his country in sambo, judo and Greco-Roman wrestling. In 1979 and 1981 he won gold medal at World


Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki at Shandong

Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki teaches his judo at Shandong (China), where he is working as a coach, helping the team to prepare