Judo Scotland: Player Development Framework

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In our previous article titled “Long Term Athlete Development Model” we discussed with Professor Cornelis Van Kooten about the effectiveness/usefulness of the long-term athlete development (LTAD) model, particularly in the coaching of judo. The principles of this research have been adopted by many countries and implementing this model in their judo teams.

Judo Scotland has developed his own model: “The JudoScotland Player Development Framework”. This is a guide to turning fun physical activity into sport for life. Developed as part of the wider JudoScotland Blueprint, the framework is designed to support coaches and individuals to achieve their potential within Judo and more widely in sports in general.

Check out this model and learn about it with these interesting videos presented by Euan Burton.

The 5-4-3-2-1 model can be used as an example framework to develop an effective attacking system. An attacking system utilises multiple attacks and threats of attack to maximise the chance of scoring Ippon. An effective system would see a judoka having at least 1 effective attack from each of the categories.

Click on these videos and watch the different aspects of the sports model proposed by Judo Scotland.

In the appendix this model you also can check the performance physical benchmarks of the different physical capacities for the judo athletes according their sex, age and weight category.

Download the full file “about”The JudoScotland Blueprint” HERE.


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