The effect of limitation of joint motion range due to ankle in judo athletes

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of ankle injury preventative C-tape on the ankle range of motion, Y-balance test (YBT), and functional movement screening (FMS) test in Judo athletes. Participants in this study were 15 male judo athletes in high school. The angle of the ankle joint, YBT, and FMS were examined with and without the application of C-tape on each athlete’s dominant foot. In YBT, ankle range of motion, and anterior reach distance were significantly lower in the taped ankle compared to the other (P<0.01). Moreover, the overhead deep squat and the FMS total score were significantly decreased after the C-tape application (P<0.05). The taping’s limitation on the ankle joint range of motion may impose adverse effects on the other relevant joints, therefore a proper guideline on long-term usage is advised.

Keywords: Ankle taping; Functional movement screen; High school Judo athletes; Range of motion; Y-balance test.

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