S&C for combat sport athletes

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Download here the special issue: Strength and conditioning for combat sports athletes, written by Franchini and Herrera-Valenzuela.

This is the content:

Introduction to the special issue.
Presentation of the Special Issue. Carlos Gutiérrez-García
Preface. Emerson Franchini, Tomás Herrera-Valenzuela
Foreword. Leandro Marques Guilheiro

Developing aerobic power and capacity for combat sports athletes. Ursula Ferreira Julio, Emerson Franchini
Developing anaerobic power and capacity for combat sports athletes. João Paulo Lopes-Silva, Emerson Franchini
Developing anaerobic power and capacity for combat sports athletes. João Paulo Lopes-Silva, Emerson Franchini
Developing maximal strength for combat sports athletes. Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco, Emerson Franchini
Developing muscle power for combat sports athletes. Jonatas Ferreira da Silva Santos, Emerson Franchini
Developing strength-endurance for combat sports athletes. Rubens Santos-Junior, Emerson Franchini
Developing flexibility for combat sports athletesEmerson Franchini, Tomás Herrera-Valenzuela

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