Kettlebell for judo athletes

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This thesis is focused on the effect of kettlebell workout to the explosive and maximum strength of judokas lower limbs. Twenty judokas were tested before and after training program which was added to their regu- lar training program. This program was about practising the kettlebell swing twice a week. The explosive strength was tested with long jump from the place, the maximum strength was tested with dead lift. A growth of both explosive and maximum strength was found after the training program. Average growth of the explosive strength was 4,1 %. Average growth of the maximum strength was also 4,1 %. So, there was found a positive effect practising the kettlebell swing to the explosive and maxi- mum strength of judokas lower limbs, but not to such an extent as we assumed in hypothesis. More detailed research with more standardized conditions of whole training program is needed to clarify effect of the kettlebell swing to the explosive and maximum strength.

Download the full thesis here.

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