Is Crossfit training program effective for judo athletes?

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The aim of this pilot study was to examine the effectiveness of a CrossFit-based training program to enhance the general and sport-specific physical fitness of 10–12-year-old judokas. The study was conducted between September 2021 and February 2022. The pedagogical research experiment was designed to be one complete, annual macrocycle (September–June). The current study presents mid-point data. Twenty male participants (3 years average sports experience; age = 11 ± 0.64 years) were randomly assigned to one of two groups: CrossFit-based training (experimental, n = 10) and traditional training (control, n = 10). Baseline testing was conducted by the researcher and included tests for motor skills and general physical fitness domains including Sweden wall pull-ups and leg raises, push-ups, long jump, squats, burpees, shuttle run, and forward rolls. Judo-specific tests included O Soto Gari and O Goshi throws. CrossFit-based training was implemented twice per week for 15–20 min in the experimental group after usual training. The control group completed traditional methods of physical fitness training for judokas with the same training load regarding time. Experimental group participants significantly improved on leg raises (p < 0.01), push-ups (p < 0.05), and shuttle run (p < 0.001); the control group improved their shuttle run (p < 0.001). Only the experimental group improved on the O Soto Gari (p < 0.01) and O Goshi throws (p < 0.05). Results showed that the use of CrossFit-based trainings had a positive effect on 10–12-year-old judokas’ speed-strength abilities, speed-strength endurance, and muscular strength. 

KEYWORDS: motor skills; testing; experiment;  social survey; judo; youth sport

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