HIIT and Judo, by Aurélien Broussal

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Last June, the HIIT Science site interviewed the french performance coach Aurélien Broussal, who worked with British and Russian National judo teams. Do not miss this useful information by one of the most recognized specialist.

It is important to consider that Judo fixtures are becoming similar to that which many team sport athletes experience. Indeed, elite judo athletes qualify for the main events (e.g. world championship, Olympics) through a ranking system….

Figure 1: Periodization plan example (source: HIIT Science)

Specifically, the preparation phase aims to develop physical qualities irrespective of the movement specific demands of the sport (or not as the main focus) in order to prepare our athletes. Specificity would then subsequently be addressed through training the appropriate energetic systems and neuromuscular targets…

Figure 2. HIIT session example (Source: HIIT Science)

CrossFit is a sport in itself and not an S&C method. I think there are many things that can be used in practice from CrossFit variation. However, where we can make a difference as an S&C coach is by manipulating some key variables in order to have clear physiological goals compared to CrossFit,…

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