Brazilian Judo Sport Development Program (from Sub-13 to Senior)

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Congratulations to CBJ Brasil for sharing this amazing work about the development program in their country for judo athletes from sub-13 to Senior.

The Brazilian Judo Confederation launched at the end of 2021 a training manual for athletes focused on international competitive development, documenting all the processes applied by the institution in the management of transition teams. Named as “Transition Teams Development Program: A Methodological Proposal”, the document was presented to coaches and athletes at the opening of the National Selective – Paris 2024 Project in December, and is now available in digital format for download at the CBJ Online Library.

Download the program HERE.

This project was carried out by:

Transition team: Andrea Berti Guedes, Alexandre Katsuragi, Douglas Potrich, Douglas Vieira, José Olívio, Marcus Agostinho and Marcelo Theotônio.

Academic consultants: Leandro Mazzei and Emerson Franchini

Invited specialists: Cristian Trajano, Guilherme Artioli, Mateus Saito, Roberta Lima and Thiago Ferreira.

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