Perceptions of Top-Level Judo Coaches on Training and Performance

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This article contents information to guide the training process methodology and the access to the high level) and competition in Judo (the combat´s strategy and the coaches´ roles and tasks during combat). It comes from the expert coaches’ knowledge, therefore, it could be considered practical knowledge for current judo coaching.  

The main goal of this project was to assess top-level judo coaches’ perceptions on two capital elements in coaching: training and competition management. 41 experienced, high-level coaches from Europe, Asia and America agreed to participate. An open-ended questionnaire was selected as the assessment instrument. The two main topics (training and competition) were divided in two areas: methodology and access to high-level performance, and combat strategies and coaches’ roles and tasks during combat, respectively. Results showed that in order to access high-level performance, judo training must consider the most effective techniques in competition, judokas must develop their special technique and they must work on physical, technical, tactical and psychological aspects. Regarding competition, combat strategy is determined by the opponent, and coaches must provide precise information to their judokas, focusing on their grip and body alignment.  

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Luis Santos