JudoTraining Load V1.0

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With this purchase, you will be enrolled in the exclusive Judo Training Load Monitoring course taught by Felipe Sanchez. In this course, we explain how to use the Excel JudoTraining Load V1.0, a new tool for judo coaches. 

Take this course and take your’s team performance to the next level. 

With this purchase, you will also receive a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file sheet and the User’s guide. 

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Excel Sheet includes:
– Training Load
– Monotony index
– Fatigue train
– ACWR Acute to Chronic workload ratio
– Wellness 

Check out some applications in these posts about monotony index, weekly variations, recovery microcycles or shock microcycles.

Designed by Felipe Sanchez Llanes

  • Judo Coach at Kosovo National Team
  • Head Coach at Chinese Judo National Team
  • Performance coach at Chinese Olympic Committee
  • Master degree in Sports Science
  • Founder & CEO

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