Is Judo good for your health?

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Do you think judo is good for your health? Discover the health implications in judo training in this review article published by Drid et al. (2021).


Although current physical activity (PA) guidelines regarding aerobic and anaerobic training are helpful for the population at large, many individuals prefer to engage in alternative forms of PA such as combat sports. As both a martial art and sport, judo is a physically demanding form of PA that potentially offers a novel experience, consequently leading to greater PA adherence. This study aimed to thoroughly search the existing literature to determine the health benefits of judo-specific training. PubMed and Web of Science were searched for original research studies. Only peer-reviewed studies that examined the effects of judo training in males and females aged 18–35 were included in the study. Out of 507 potentially relevant studies, 84 studies met our inclusion criteria and were further analyzed. Data showed that judo athletes and recreational judo practitioners show above-average VO2max, improved body composition, increased bone mineral density, and bone mineral content. Judo is associated with a sequence of adaptations in cardiac structure, function, and blood pressure changes. More research is needed to discover if these changes are maladaptive.

Keywords: aerobic powerrespiratory functionobesitybone mineral densityarterial hypertensioncardiac remodeling

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