Injury prevention programme for judo athletes

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Amber L von. et al. (2020) has just published this research about a new judo-specific injury prevention programme to reduce and/or prevent the occurrence of musculosleletal shoulder, knee and ankle injuries.

Evidence-based injury prevention programmes have been developed in several sports like football,rugby and basketball, and now these authors have developed “IPPON intervention” (Injury Prevention and Performance Optimization Netherlands), in order to reduce judo injuries due to high incidence rates.

The final version of this intervention programme consisted of 36 exercises divided into three categories: (1) ‘flexibility and agility’ subdivided in exercises for the lower and upper extremity, (2) ‘balance and coordination’ and (3) ‘strength and stability’. Each category consisted of 12 exercises with three different levels of difficulty. Trainers were instructed to use 4 exercises per category and 12 exercises in total as a warm-up.

Find out the original paper about this research here.




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