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Interesting framework published by PhD.Peter Tierney about recovery.

The S.H.I.T. Recovery Framework!

Key considerations:
• What are my current goals?
• What do I need to recover from?
• When do I need to recover by? 
• How do I feel? 

This decision tree might be a useful addition & framework to reference when overall good recovery behaviours (sleep, nutrition, reducing stress on a long term basis) are in place.

Assume this is in a “morning check-in” situation, with the intention of training today.
For the purposes of this flow chart, the main purpose is competing (i.e., in-season, not pre-season / base building) 

If you feel 2 of these (stiff, heavy, irritable, tired) – consider combining strategies from both.

If you feel 3 of these (stiff, heavy, irritable, tired) – consider adjusting training & stimulus.

If you feel like SHIT (i.e., stiff, heavy, irritable and tired) – would strongly suggest reducing training & stimulus.

Hopefully this is useful for you as an athlete to consider your recovery choices that are specific to the situation you are in, and also to coaches to support athletes in what active recovery strategies to use & when.

Recovery is complex, and almost impossible to provide all the answers in one chart. This is high level – so please interpret with that in mind! 

This is v1 – what have I left out? What else would you include and what would you change?
Already gotten some feedback around being more explicit with nutrition & fuelling.

Check out this article about recovery microcycle in judo.

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