Chat with Jimmy Pedro

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“I started training when I was 5 years old, my father gave me the judogi and said now you must train on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, three times each week start your judo training, so it was with the age of five, and I started compiting when I was 6 years old”

“You have to believe in yourself, if you don´t believe is possible, it is never going to happen, you have to believe you can beat this person, you have to believe you can win this competition, you have to believe you can be champion…”

“…If your child is not winning matches when he goes overseas then don´t send him overseas, don´t spend the money if is not winning any matches, spending on developing domesticly camps, international training camps and make sure they fight on the right level, is not about trying to make an olympic team, is about winning…”

Don´t miss this interesting chat with the double medalist in the Olympics JImmy Pedro.

Source: Panamerican Judo Confederation

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