Is mindfulness meditation useful for judo athletes?

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Lee YH, Chiu W, Hwang J, Noh S. Mobile-based mindfulness meditation intervention’s impact on mental health among young male judo athletes in South Korea: a quasi-experimental study. Sci Rep. 2024 Jun 3;14(1):12691.


Young athletes commonly encounter various mental health challenges due to the distinct pressures inherent in sports environments. This study investigates the effectiveness of mobile-delivered mindfulness meditation interventions in alleviating mental health indicators of depression, perceived stress, and anxiety, and enhancing self-esteem and resilience among young male judo athletes in South Korea. Pre- and post-test questionnaires were completed by 53 judo athletes. Participants were then allocated to the intervention group (N = 27; Mage = 13.77 [SD = 1.11]), which used a mobile meditation software program, or the control group (N = 27; Mage = 13.56 [SD = 1.05]). Data analysis compared intervention and control group scores using multiple statistical methods, including independent sample t-tests, paired sample t-tests, and 2 (time) × 2 (group) repeated measures analysis of variance. Following the intervention, the mindfulness group exhibited significant enhancements in the mental health indicators of depression (GMD = 2.74 [95% CI 0.90–4.56], Cohen’s D = 0.84), perceived stress (GMD = 0.35 [95% CI 0.002–0.70], Cohen’s D = 0.56), and anxiety (GMD = 0.2 [95% CI 0.001–0.40, Cohen’s D = 0.56]. Self-esteem also had a significant increase (GMD = 0.55 [95% CI − 0.22 to − 0.88], Cohen’s D = 0.95). The findings of this study underscore the potential benefits of mobile-delivered mindfulness meditation interventions in addressing mental health challenges among young male judo athletes. The significant enhancements observed in scores on measures of depression, perceived stress, anxiety, and self-esteem among participants in the mindfulness group highlight the effectiveness of such interventions in promoting mental health in sports settings.

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