Interview with Amandine Buchard

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JUDO TRAINING has the honor to make a interview with Amandine Buchard, 24 years old french judoka, number 1 in the international ranking IJF under 52 kg.

Aggressive judoka, right-handed and kata guruma as tokui waza are some of her characteristics.

How is a typical training week? How many sessions do you usually do and which type of training?

My week is organized like this: From Monday to Friday I do double sessions in Paris (INSEP, French Olympic Center)

Monday morning physical conditioning training (skipping, speed training) at 11.00 and after at 17.00 h Judo Randori.

Tuesday judo technique at 10.00 and judo randori at 17.00

Wednesday aerobic training in the morning at 10.00 and technique judo at 18.00 in my club, the RSCC (Red Star Club Champigny)

Thursday Judo Randori at 10.45 and weight training at 16.00.

Friday physical conditioning at 10.00 (training depends on which part of the season we are) and judo randori at 14.30.

Saturday is my day off and Sunday morning I play football with friends at 10.30 and 17.00 I attend class Yoga Birkani.

Which are your favorite training in judo and physical conditioning?

In judo training my favorite training is randori. I love to fight! I also would like to skip the warm-up and go directly to fight!

About physical conditioning I like more speed training sessions! I love to break my records, see how many reps can I do in less time! I like challenges!

And which training like least?

In this case, I don’t like weights training, is so boring and never saw sense to lift barbell and bumpers

How is your secret as judoka? Which is the difference compare with your opponents?

I think I don have any special secret, and maybe what makes me different is that I had a hard past, and that make me improve myself a day. I found my strength in the figure of my father, I wish to success for him and me, I want to do his and my dreams.

Which is your judo club and who is your coach?

My club is Red Sar Champigny (RSCC) y and my coaches are Audrey Bonhomme and Barbara Harel.

Who was your hardest opponent?

I have many strong opponents in the international judo circuit, but in this order, they are:: ABE Uta (JPN), Majlinda Kelmendi (Kosovo) y Natalia Kuziutina (RUS)

Which are your goals for Tokyo 2021) and the next Olympic games?

My goals are so ambitious, but I think I am on my way to get them. My goals are, be European and world champion in 2020 and gold medal in 2021, and my big dream is to be the Olympic champion in my home, in Paris 2024.

David Fernández Rodríguez