High Intensity Interval Training in judo

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In our first article of JudoTraining Lab we analyzed a specific circuit training developed for judo athletes. In this case we suggest and analyze a new high intensity interval training for judo athletes who want to develop their specific endurance with a match simulation. Exercises proposed are:

  • Yakusoku geiko. Agreed-upon practice
  • Fight for a Shido. Train aggressiveness on the mat, increasing the chances of your opponent getting a passivity shido.
  • Kumikata. Grip fighting.
  • Transition TW-NW. Start in Tachi Waza and do the transition to the groundwork and when you have the control of your opponent start newaza randori.
  • Nagekomi. Repetitive throwing training with one uke. Focus on good technical movements and right “Kuzushi”.
  • Kakari geiko. Continuous attack practice. Tori role assigned (attack).
  • Kakari geiko. Continuous attack practice. Uke role assigned (defense)
  • Nagekomi. Repetitive throwing training with two ukes. Focus on speed.

Depends on your goals with this training you can choose work and rest time and also the number of sets.


In this example I will explain how I use this type of training with my athletes during the realization mesocycle.

This training was done during few microcycles in the realization mesocycle, looking for a high intensity training with similar intensity like in a competition. In this case, they did 5 rounds with 10 min rest between sets. Sets 1,2,4 were normal sets, with 26 seconds work and 8 seconds rest. Sets 3 and 5 they did ‘golden score’, repeating the exercises two times.

This training allow us to train with high intensity and it could be useful when we don’t have many strong opponents to do high intensity randori or want to take less risk before an important competition. Also I really think could be interesting training to focus on important technical and tactical aspects to prepare a competition or certain strategy against different opponents.

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