Cognitive stick training

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In this article we would like to introduce this new tool develop by Gianni Locarini, french coach currently working on physical preparation of Clarisse Agbegnenou, who has created the “Cognitive Stick”. I am sure very sure will see these sticks more often in the mats around the world.

Cognitive Stick is a tool that helps develop cognitive skills. Used by high- level athletes such as Olympic champion Clarisse Agbegnenou and Formula 2 driverit is nevertheless accessible to everyone thanks to its adapted programs.

Our 8 programs and 250 exercices are designed to allow everyone to train regardless of their level of practice.

  • For athletes (all levels)
  • For sports coaches, physiotherapists or other healthprofessionals who wish to develop the abilities of their students orpatients
  • For children thanks to a fun activity
  • For the elderly thanks to a light object, bright colors, easier grippingthanks to the grip and the adapted shape of our stick

Our different programs?

We have designed special programs according to the skills you wish to develop:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Grip precision and ability to focus vision
  • Improved reflexes and reaction time
  • Work on your decision making
  • Develop peripheral vision
  • Improve the control of your spine
  • Reference in space
  • Understand the rhythm
  • Specificities for judo and combat sports

Manufacturing and design?

On the design side, you have the choice between 5 color combinations. Choose according to your tastes or according to the colors that may be present on the grounds, places where you will practice your activity in order to get as close as possible to visual demands.

Made and designed in France for a high quality product

We have chosen to choose noble materials and products to ensure a solid and durable product made in France.

Seminar and certification

Seminar and certification for coach or/and athletes are possible and you can contact us if your interested to learn more from us.

Cognitive Stick is a really good tools to add to your differents training session to improve for exemple the quickness of the hand and the precision of your grip.

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